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Who Are We?

Moxon USA  is the parent company for Moxon C (Connecticut retail sales & custom software for small retail stores, data tracking and video surveillance systems). Super Software began operations in 1986 generating special fat client application software for various organizations and has been renamed to Moxon CT. Our focus has now centered on thin client (WEB hosting & development, Java, XHTML, etc.) applications involving PDA's, Bar Code data collection, Special tracking of assets', WEBCAM's, Access Control and CCTV Systems. 


Where Are We?

We are located in South-Eastern Connecticut near the Atlantic Ocean, in Mystic Connecticut. The products that we represent and/ or sell are also used by us in our own environment. We do not sell any product that does not survive our in-house testing and evolutions. We are also a "BETA" test site for many of our product manufacturers.

We are continuously improving and expanding our inventory all the time, insuring that you, our valued customers, have the finest of quality and the largest variety of products to choose from.
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Main Contact:

Moxon USA, Customer Service
P.O. Box 611
Old Mystic, CT 06372
United States of America

Phone Number: (860) 536-8200


Product Contacts

Moxon USA
Everything for your surveillance and metal detection needs.
(860) 536-8200

Moxon CT
Providing WEB hosting and small shopping carts.
(860) 536-6900

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