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Super Low Sale Prices:
Prices start at: $29.95 USD
for a Black & White Mini-Camera, 1/3" Cmos w/ 6mm Lens & 12VDC Adapter.

Home Surveillance Systems!


Home CCTV Systems.

Your home, it’s your castle, until the gates are breached then how do you capture the wrong doing and now how many other individuals make claim to it?
How do you defend or determine what occurs when you’re not there?
What are your children doing while you’re away?
What is the sitter doing while in your house?
Most of all, are you invading their privacy?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, perhaps one should re-access their security requirements and do a risk assessment of their facilities. Camera (CCTV) surveillance may not always deter the criminal action, however, when installed and configured correctly, it will provide a very strong case against the criminals and in many situations aid in the capture and conviction of the assailants or validate the victims actions.

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